In-Patient Facilities

New Wing Section

As the name implies, the new wing is the latest addition to our wards. The new wing includes the following facilities:

  • Newly renovated nurse’s station and Director of Nursing’s office
  • Medical-surgical female and male wards (four rooms, two beds per room)
  • Four en suite rooms, each with two beds
  • Two en suite isolation rooms
  • Two VIP rooms and one VVIP room with special amenities such as DSTV connection, Wifi, refrigerator, microwave oven and extra bed for one guardian
This section is managed by well trained nurses, general practitioners, specialist and subspecialist physicians according to clients’ needs.



This unit houses the following:

  • Pediatric ward (4 beds)
  • Nursery/observation area: It is equipped with 2 radiant warmers, one incubator with phototherapy unit, neonatal monitors, bubble CPAP, IVAC, infusion pump
  • Obstetric ward (3 beds)
  • Gynecology ward (2 beds)
  • Private room specifically for neonates who need extended hospital stay ( i.e preterm neonates)
  • Labour and Delivery ward (2 beds), full equipment including fetal monitor for continuous /intermittent tocography, doppler heart monitor, aside from delivery sets
  • Nurse’s station

This section is managed by specialist physicians (pediatricians, obstetric-gynecologists ) and trained pediatric /OB-gyne nurses

NOTE: Each in-patient bed has a nurse call button. Each Section ( New Wing, Old Wing, ICU/HDU) has a fully-equipped emergency cart