Blantyre Adventist Hospital IT Department

Information Technology Department

Hospital IT departments have an essential role to play in assisting hospital staff to manage and care for patients. IT is so essential and ingrained into modern-day hospitals that it can literally be a matter of life or death if they stopped working effectively.

Blantyre Adventist Hospital IT Department is not only responsible for managing clinical software and the other processes that help administrative staff to keep patient records and admission systems ticking along; we also have an important role to play in ensuring medical wards, laboratory, OPD, ER, radiology, medical records, pharmacy, operating rooms, labour and delivery suites and emergency departments run smoothly. Some of these functions include billing, registration, health information management, health statistics, lab results, radiology results, OT theatre results, CADEX and dietary services.

This is in addition to the usual tasks an IT department performs, such as providing network infrastructure, cyber security, server maintenance and software deployments.

The department is managed by two individuals, the IT Manager, who is responsible for the running of day-to-day activities in the department and IT Officer. The Hospital is currently using SYHOS as its Healthcare Management system program.

The main duty of the department is to ensure that systems are running 24/7 and that adequate assistance is offered to hospital staff to manage and care for patients.