Paediatric Department

Children need the best of health. The Paediatric Department offers the following services to ensure maximum health for your children: Neonatal care for normal term, preterm and ill neonates

Under five clinic, which includes scheduled weighing, vaccinations, de-worming, vitamin A administration, and campaigns from Malawi Government through the Ministry of Health

  • Paediatric/Neonatal in-patient services
  • Paediatric/Neonatal OPD clinics for routine check-up and diagnosis and treatment
  • Paediatric Cardiology Clinic

The health of children is the responsibility of both clinicians and parents/guardians. Parents are welcome to ask the medical team questions to ensure children are cared for after hospital visit.

We offer appetising, nutritious meals to encourage children to eat. Our paediatrician Dr. Ema Fe Nadal Varona and her team of nurses help children understand their illness and why they need to take medication.