The chaplain of Blantyre Adventist Hospital is responsible for spiritual care of clients and staff. The chaplain visits clients admitted to the hospital wards to provide professional spiritual and psychological support.

In addition, the chaplain provides for the faith needs of BAH clients by linking them with family and religious groups. The chaplain promotes integrity and good manners among staff and between staff and clients. Staff have daily worship services in their departments to keep in tune with the high moral standards and high quality of attitude and care for clients.

In order to meet the various spiritual and psychological needs of patients, guardians, families and staff, the chaplain provides counseling service to individuals, couples, families and groups as the need may be. People with suicidal thoughts and those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse have found our services helpful.

Blantyre Adventist Hospital has a patient care mission that emulates Jesus Christ healing care on earth. The hospital believes in high quality patient care offered by medical practitioners and the healing power of God. The office of the chaplain is occupied by a licensed clergy with training in pastoral care that includes counselling. In summary, the Chaplaincy Department offers the following services:

  • Clients – spiritual care to patients by visiting and praying with them.
  • Staff care – spiritual care to staff members at work and when necessary, in their homes.
  • Educational programmes to staff and communities – providing education on healthful living, family life, parenting and other need-based lessons.
  • Worship services – morning devotions and other special spiritual meetings when needed.
  • Ethical services – the chaplain is a member of the hospital’s ethics committee to promote ethical behaviour among staff.
  • Musical services – on request from clients, the chaplain links up with musical groups for a service at the hospital.