Quality Department

The World Health Organization defines quality of care in hospitals as the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes. Quality care is a fruit of evidence-based professional knowledge that is critical for achieving universal health coverage. Quality care stands on the following pillars:

  • Effectiveness              – provision of evidence-based healthcare services
  • Safety                         – avoidance of harm to people for whom the care is intended
  • People-Centered       – provision of care that responds to individual preferences, needs and      values.

To realize the benefits of quality health care, health services must be:

  • Timely                        – reduction of waiting times and sometimes harmful delays
  • Equitable                   – provision of care that does not vary in quality on account of gender, ethnicity, geographic location, and socio-economic status
  • Integrated                  – provision of care that makes available the full range of health services throughout the life course
  • Efficient                     – maximisation of the benefit of available resources and avoidance of waste.

Blantyre Adventist Hospital is committed to achieving these development goals for maximum client satisfaction and health for all. The Quality Department at Blantyre Adventist Hospital, headed by Patrick Gausi, is responsible for quality and strategic planning. The department has is available for feedback 24/7.